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Today was our day to explore The Tower of London. Wow – what a place steeped in so much history. We started out with a tour guided by one of the Yeoman Warders – who actually live in the tower. There are many buildings in the complex and a total of 22 towers!



We walked through a hall with suits of armor that actually were the ones worn/used by the kings. Henry VIII has several different suits of armor. Starting from when he was in his twenties. As he got older his suits got larger and larger. Finally ending with this one – looks like he thought rather highly of himself.


The next hall had statues of the horses that the kings rode. These date from 1690 – so move over Roy Rogers and Trigger – the Kings of England had statues made of their horses!

Of course everyone has to take photos of the guards – so I gave it a shot and well, took more than one, and I do believe their weapons are current day and operational!

Ravens at the Tower are good luck. There is actually a flock of them there and they are considered Royal Pets – and are well fed and taken care of. They actually do get out and socialize on their own as well.


The Tower of London is well known for holding prisoners and executions as well. Many that were held/detained/etc. left their mark by carving their names, and sometimes more in the walls. I guess you could call it medieval graffiti.



Later this afternoon we took a special tour of Buckingham Palace. Wow – what a place. Again more history, but this time not near as gory. All the finery, art, architecture,antiquities, unbelievable. It of course was a no photo venue – but worth the time and they ended our tour with champagne. So we can actually say that we had champagne in Buckingham palace!


Finishing up, you guessed it – windows!

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Today started early with some fruit scones and a tube ride to the car rental place. After a couple of days of crowded tubes it was quite different this morning with basically empty tubes!


We were on the road early and headed off to see Stonehenge. Of course Mr GPS told us to take the second exit out of a round-a-bout and we somehow took the first! But not to worry, Mr GPS rerouted us! Yes siree rerouted we were. And I really liked the new route – road with no markings and beautiful scenery. Of course there were no places to pull over – ratz. Could have been wonderful photos. I’m not sure how they manage two way traffic on those roads as they are about a car and a half wide! We pulled waaaay over and it was still hairy.



Stonehenge was pretty cool even with the ton of people there. A little post processing and I can probably get the people out. While there may have been a lot of people there when we were there, there were hordes when we left – so our timing was good.


From there we wandered around the countryside and checked out Bath and several other towns. Old churches fill the towns and are sprinkled on the hills all around.



Of course country means livestock and here the main livestock are, what else, sheep! I’ve come to the conclusion that sheep are to England what cattle are to the US (and vise a versa). The pigs here get to roam the fields and have little huts I’m guessing to sleep in.


And of course it wouldn’t be a blog post without a window picture….


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