Today we started out with another amazing breakfast the the Siena House B&B prepared by our wonderful host Malvin. He is a master of bread – oh so good.



After breakfast we headed out to Perugia to check out the town and it’s buildings and it’s underground city. It was nice and also very easy to get lost. Enter the iPad – our walking navigation master. Under threat of downpour we managed to find the car in the nick of time. Of course the rain did not stop us in getting to our next stop. A suggestion from Malvin sent us to our next destination – lunch! Ristorante Siro where we had the most incredible antipasto for two. A huge platter of meats, cheeses, veggies, melons, olives, salad, hot Sicilian style rolled sandwiches, egg dishes, and more. Absolutely amazing.


After lunch the rain was coming down in buckets. We almost decided to skip the next stop, Assisi. But, we decided to make the drive and then turn around if the rain did not clear. I’m glad we did, because as we got there the rain let up and stopped. While the little shops in Assisi are basically all kitch with ticky tacky religious items the town is very charming and seems to be the quintessential old European town. No graffiti, few if any cars, trucks, and scooters. Practically all the small streets are photo ops because of the lack of all the modern things you find in the other cities.

(check out the size of those meringue cookies on the right!)

The basilica is also very nice while it is covered inside with frescos it lacks the ostentatious ornateness that we’ve seen in all of the other churches and basilicas. Of course it’s a no photos allowed inside. I didn’t see any signs (and I’m quite careful about that) and as I was bumping my ISO to some ungodly number I heard a guard almost holler over to me “No Camera!” Sigh. Strange though – further in a lot of people with the little point and shoots were managing to sneak a few photos before the photo police stopped them.


So – my reward for following the rules begins here first with a little background. We’ve named our GPS Fred. Fred is always telling us  turn left, turn right and shows the path on the screen. The path is always right, but sometimes his right and lefts seem to get mixed up. So – we climb in the car and put in the coordinates to get us back to the B&B. Fred analyzes the route, sorts through over 4,000 possible routes and picks one. How he decides exactly which one to use we have yet to determine. Sometimes Fred opts for the fast auto strata route, other times it’s more “scenic”. Today though there may have been a little divine intervention. First he takes us on a road which is fine and we see this – I holler “God Beams” and boom there’s even a place to pull over which in itself is a miracle.


The above photo is straight out of the camera.
So we continue on the route, the road is basically a fairly major road, well paved, wide, etc. Fred suddenly says “TURN LEFT”, so we do – on to a narrow not well paved road. We joke about where Fred is taking us now, it is some sort of short cut or what?! Looks like it could be a short cut, then as we round the bend we see this…

Again – the photo above is straight out of the camera.
Yup – it’s the reward for keeping my camera from taking pictures in the Basilica of St Francis.  So, that is the story of Fred and the God Beams.

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