When in Rome – see the Vatican. We took a tour under the Vatican, a necropolis both pagan and Christian. Quite a bit of history of course, secret symbols and signs. Very interesting tour with only 12 people. It was in an area of no photography allowed, as were some other areas we went to. I did take photos when I could.


There are probably thousands of statues and carvings in the Vatican museum – room after room, row upon row. While looking at the statues was an experience of the arts, the crowds were not. It was shoulder to shoulder, pushing and shoving. I’m not big into crowds and after awhile I really wanted to start stomping on everyone else’s feet. Not my cup of tea. Sculptures were beautiful – people not so.

Every sculpture and carving has a story to tell if you get a chance to look at it long enough before the shoving mass moves you on.


I of course had to get some photos of the animals. Some looked as if they could break through the stone and walk away. There were many of lions and lion hunts as well as lions hunting. That seems to be a common thread I’ve seen before. There must have been a lot of lions imported! Check out the lion on the right – the colors in the marble are amazing.


As usual,  the dogs captured my camera as they always do. The one of the left looks very much like one I photographed in the British Museum, I’ll have to go back and check that one out again.



The colors in the chapels are amazingly vivid and everything is covered with the paintings – the ceilings are unbelievable, but the leave me to wonder if they can be truly appreciated as the detail of the paintings and carvings way way up there are lost to the naked eye. 


By the time we got through the museum and the Sistine Chapel (a no photography allowed area) we felt like this sculpture!


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