lies a wonderful abode we called our temporary home in Modica Sicily. Anime a Sud looks like any other place on the street, but once you walk in it is a place that the word WOW seems to be an understatement.  Because today is a travel day everyone can have a glimpse into where we stayed while we were in Modica. Anime a Sud belongs to Luca, who will have an additional place for people to stay in Modica that is scheduled to open sometime in 2012. That said, I’m sure that his new place will have a lot to live up to given the wonderful accommodations at Anime a Sud. You’ve all seen the narrow street and alley way shots that I’ve taken. I’ve learned that all is not as it seems on the outside. What lies behind those unassuming doors are wonderful abodes that are as nice as any place you can dream to stay in.

Anime a Sud is a wonderful blend of old and new. The old  of the building including what I believe may be the original door before the remodel and Luca’s amazing artwork adorn the walls. The views are amazing and can allow one to believe they have experienced Modica without even leaving the outdoor terrace.

And while the home was wonderful – 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a full kitchen a terrace and a balcony, the wonderful hospitality of Amalia who met us when we got there, gave us great ideas of where to eat, what to see and also set up the winery tour, the cooking class, and the Don Puglisi Chocolate Laboratory tour and tasting. She was wonderful in answering any questions any time we had them. She is amazing.

A photo is worth a thousand words, so here for everyone to see is the novel of Anime a Sud – where we stayed. Enjoy!

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