Today’s excursion was a road trip to the Greek Temples at Agrigento. It’s harvest time in the vineyards around here and we passed quite a few trucks hauling grapes. None of the trucks were big, they were all small and quite quaint like this one – fun to look at, colorful, and ….. slow!


The temples are at the top of one of the hills. Classic Greek style dating around 450 BC. The best preserved is the Temple of Concordia built around 430 BC. This particular temple was actually converted to a Christian basilica around 597. When it was converted two of the idols in the temple were pulled down.


The Temple of Hera Lacinia dates to ~460 BC. While it is not the best preserved, I found it fascinating to photograph. It is located further away from the entrance than the Concordia temple making it a bit of a hike for some people. There were less people and better vantage points to shoot from.





The third temple we checked out was Temple of Herakles built around 500 BC. It’s another that did not have many people around it and also had wonderful vantage points as well.



All around the area are pieces of the ancient columns that you have to walk around or over and on top of. It’s amazing that you can actually touch these and they are not cordoned off!


Looking at everything here and the massiveness of every single thing it really makes one wonder how they actually built all of this – the stones had to be brought up the hill, they had to be carved, put together, etc. It’s impossible to imagine how it was done with just basic man power alone.

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