First – before I get on with today a couple of images from our terrace last night for everyone to enjoy.


Today was our day to go to the Planeta winery and vineyards. Before we started the drive we stopped and had breakfast of cannoli and marzipan – a great way to start the the day.


The drive through the countryside was very reminiscent of San Diego with rolling hills dotted with green trees and of course vineyards. There were many old picturesque buildings in the middle of the fields.



The tasting at Planeta was very nice. This is a large, family run winery. They have six vineyards on the island of Sicily that span 364 hectares.

We had wonderful wines and of course this stop became the beginning of our Italian wine acquisition and of course I added a bottle of excellent olive oil as well. After the tasting they treated us to a marvelous lunch on their terrace.So nice and very relaxing.



On the way back we stopped in the town of Nota, had gelato and granita and of course took more photos (yes – I took the camera away from my face to eat!). True to form as I go to take a photo of the fountain my camera called out to the local wild life to come and strike a pose. Happens every time! Kind of appropriate considering the fountain and the pose of the statue.



We sat out on our terrace and had wine and watched the light play against the buildings and local church.


Of course I have to compete this blog post with what else, but a window – well kind of!


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