Yesterday we arrived in Sicily and spent the night at the Royal Hotel build in the early 1700’s in Catania. Breakfast in the morning was out on the roof terrace was light and delicious. Cappuccino was great, view was great in all directions. Old Europe.


Views from the rooftop terrace of the Royal Hotel. Yes, – I’ve still got that window thing going on.




And- typical of my photos, animals just seem to happen by at the right time – three birds in flight……


There are amazing markets in Catania – fresh fish galore, gorgeous vegetables and meats. A seemingly unending line of booths up and down the streets. Crowded with sellers hawking their foods and buyers filling their bags. No wonder there are so many chefs from Italy.




There are definitely going to be good meals around the town.

Of course what would a walk around the town be without stopping for some café Americano and marzipan! MMMmmmm. Off in the distance it was not clouds but smoke/steam from Mt. Aetna – yup a volcano. In checking the reports Mt Aetna actually had an eruption today that diverted some flights and cancelled others. Looks like we got into town just in the nick of time. Having walked the lava fields in Hawaii with active lava a mere step away, Mt Aetna was pretty to see off in the distance.


Off to Modica – it wasn’t too bad of a drive. Charlie had scoped things out long before and actually ignored “Mr GPS” in getting out of Catania. Our was was definitely the better way. It seems that “Mr GPS” wanted us to have a ‘more scenic’ tour!

The countryside was very different from England. Much more like San Diego actually. Photos in another post another day. Our apartment has phenomenal views of the town, picture postcard pretty.


My blog posts seem to be getting wordier and full of more photos than I originally intended! Oh well.

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