Woke up this morning and packed everything up – it’s all carry on – so pack tight! Our original flight had been moved back several hours so that gave us an extra half day in London. We hopped the tube again, went to a store it place and dropped the bags there.


Back to the tube and headed over to see The House of Parliament and the surrounding area. The word ornate does not even begin to describe these buildings and churches. I look at them and while I see the beauty in them I get the feeling that there is a one upmanship among the builders and architects of the time. Blue skies and white puffy clouds would have made for nicer photos but one has to take what is there.




Of course I did take photos of some windows today, but for the blog the doors seem appropriate for parting shots from London.



We tubed back to the luggage and lugged it back to the tube and then the light rail to Gatwick to catch our flight to our next destination. The British Air lounge at Gatwick was extremely nice and comfy loaded with great food, coffee, wine, and cheese. Next destination – tomorrow’s blog post (hopefully tomorrow not sure if the internet connection will hold long enough to post tonight).

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