The last few days have been summer in London. Today – well, let’s just say that fall has arrived – wet, cold, and windy. So we started out the day by heading out to Greenwich. A few tube rides and a train and we wandered around the town. Even with the wind and spitty skies it was quite different from London. The feeling was a bit lighter, not as heavy. Still a lot of history here for sure.


St Alfege Parish Church and part of the graveyard in front of the church.


One of the lower courtyards in Greenwich.


The Greenwich Royal Park Herb Garden was beautiful. We just happened to be there when a bunch of children riding their scooters all around the maze.


The window thing is still jumping into the camera – there are so many great images I just can’t stop shooting them. Good thing I’m shooting with a camera and not a sling shot!


So, what’s this about old, very very old things? Just to have a quick taste of not so old – here’s a bit of architecture just outside the Greenwich train station [Husband edit: Actually, I think this us at the Canary Wharf station catching the Docklands Light Rail train]. No – not the kind of windows that are jumping into the frame of the camera, although there is one old window trying to make an appearance!


On to the old, old, very old. I mean REALLY old – like say 350BC! And so close I could have actually touched most of them. Really. Totally amazing because this type of access is unheard of in the states and basically reserved for museum curators. Not so in the British Museum. Now with all that said, there are plenty of signs asking that you “Please do not touch the exhibit”. Yes. I definitely wanted to run my hands over this ancient pieces – but the only thing that I let touch them was my gaze.

On a sarcophagus 1220BC


Stone carvings and reliefs from ancient Egypt.





Red figured rhyton (special cup) made in the form of a gryphons head with a youth, 350-360BC.


….. and – Cleopatra. She died when she was 17! Amazing for all of the stories and movies that have been made.


Sorry folks – I missed the card for this guy, but check out those eyes!


From the British Museum we headed across the street to The Montague for afternoon tea. Afternoon tea was very nice and also very filling! Sandwiches, marvelous scones little pastries and pots of tea (Earl Grey for me and Darjeeling for Charlie).


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