Yesterday was basically a full day in London. arrived around 9 in the morning, got to the flat we are staying at after about an hour on “the tube”. The flat is nice and roomie with street views of London with the marvelous windows and brick work of neighboring buildings. We took the train to the Borough Market – a wonderful excursion into cheeses, meats, and meat pies. I had a Wild Bore meat pie that was quite tasty and Charlie had a duck wrap.

Got back to the flat and I crashed – OK maybe it was jet lag – but I needed a nap. Meanwhile, Charlie went back out with the iPad to get help with the horrible way it was doing 3G – internet was dicey at best. Even here on the laptop which has wireless here at the flat the internet comes and goes at will. The sim card for the iPad was the source of that device’s problem and it now does a wonderful job of staying connected. However, being what it is – websites like my college class I can see and read – but with frames I’m stuck – no way to write replies. ARGH – this distance teaching may be a bit of a problem.

Last night we had an amazing dinner at ABENO a Japanese restaurant where they cook on the table in front of you. MMMmmm took video which will get uploaded and of course a few pictures as well. After dinner we walked to the theatre and saw War Horse. Oh my gosh the horses were puppets – but the word puppet does not make them sound good. There is no was to describe it other than totally amazing. The horses moved like real horses, sounded like real horses, and had expressions like real horses. Three letters for this are WOW.


Photos from the flat and at the Borough Market.

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  1. jawlz says:

    Very cool! Sounds like you’re having a great time!

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