something new to me. As I walked into the Heart of Africa exhibit I saw one of the keepers feeding the hornbills. She was tossing meat and mice (hmmm a new M&M designation!). So I watched for awhile and chatted with the keeper who was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about her charges. This particular pair of horn bills have a baby hornbill that hatched in the cave last month. So – they were taking the M&Ms up to the baby. What a cool thing to see. I’ve been to the park 3 morning in a row now trying out different walking routes for the Photo Walk, and each morning there is something new and different. This morning was a great treat to see the hornbill parents feed their young. This will definitely be a stop on the Photo Walk.

Nikon D700 70-200mm w/1.7 TCEII

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