…than a tiger cub?


Two tiger cubs,


and what would be more fun than two tiger cubs? How about two tiger cubs at play!


These are two of the three Sumatran Tiger cubs born at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. They were born Dec 5, 2008 – the first litter of tiger cubs born there in 18 years.


photos taken with Nikon D3 and 70-300 f4-5.6

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  1. dancing says:

    Hi Cathy!
    Those are great photos of the tiger cubs! I was wondering, if you don ‘t mind sharing… what time of day did you go to the Wild Animal Park and see the tiger cubs out and about? I know the tiger cubs are only out on certain days of the week but I was wondering what time of the day to go to best maximize my chances to see the cubs being a little more active. I have a membership so I could just keep trying different times but any tips would be appreciated!

  2. Cathy says:

    The cubs are out at 9am on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Not much time – but it’s better than nothing! The lion cubs seemed like they were always out when they were little.

  3. dancing says:

    Okay so right at opening time, huh? We will try our luck and see if we can see them up and about. And I love your lion cub photos too from a while back too (actually I love all of your photos that I have seen so far… awesome!). Thanks for the reply and I will definitely be visiting your site regularly to enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing them!

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