It’s been a long, very long wait, but on Thursday the brown truck rolled up our driveway and delivered the long awaited box. This box came from B and H in NY – and inside that box was my new camera – a Nikon D3. It’s big and beautiful and perfect. I thought that jumping from the D200 to the D3 would have a huge learning curve. After a couple of nights with the manual I’ve found it to be an easy transition. I LOVE this camera.

So – here’s a few pictures with the new beast – and some hi-ISO shots as well. Click on the images for a larger view.


D3, ISO 200, 50mm f1.7 @ f6.7


D3, ISO 1600, 70-200vrf2.8 @200mm & f13


D3, ISO 3200, 70-200vrf2.8 @150mm & f3.3 (inside a very dark doghouse)

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  1. vi says:

    I love the picture of the chickens! I’ve never seen those ever before in my life!!! What are they called?
    Hairy chickens? like the hairy cows of Scotland?

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