Our last day of our big European Adventure was in Milan. Just an over nighter – but we did get a taste of the city. Our day there also coincided with the first day of fashion week. As you all know, I’m in no way a fashionista – but it was fun none the less to see all the hoopla surrounding this huge event that brings in the best of the high end designers and models. As we were walking around looking for our last chance marzipan and gelato we happened upon a fashion show that was about to start. True to form they were late in getting going, but that gave me a chance to check out what was going on.



The woman above was chatting up the people sitting in the front row of the reserved seating for this fashion week opener. I have no idea who she was. I’m sure the fashion police know!
Since they were slow getting started that gave me the opportunity to catch some of the models being made up – kind of fun to see, and more fun to shoot.  For my camera buddies – all the model and fashion shots were done with no flash and at ISO 2500 or higher. Speaking of the camera – as I was standing outside the tented area along side other photogs there was quite a bit of camera envy going on. Obviously they didn’t know me (and why should they?!) but they all definitely took long hard looks at my camera. One in particular kept looking almost every chance he got. Yup – I had a LONG lens on (28-300) zoomed to practically 300, and I was shooting. Before the trip, with previous reports of camera theft we had changed out my camera strap to something quite plain and reinforced. So it was plain black – no Nikon D700 emblazoned on it for easy identification. Of course with all the gawking at my gear I took a closer look at what this guy was shooting with. A Nikon D200 —- a good camera, I had one years ago – but definitely not something that can handle low light situations that were happening under that tent! Yup – camera envy! 



Fun images above of a “behind the scenes” of a fashion show.

As I mentioned earlier we were on a quest for our last gelato and marzipan. It turns out that marzipan is a specialty found only in Sicily – something I didn’t find out until leaving there. A quick Google search revealed there was one place where we might score my last fix – and that was in Milan. A family from Sicily had set up shop there in 1914 making marzipan in all the wonderful fruit shapes and more. The good news is – we found the place, Freni Pasticceria Siciliana! I got my marzipan fix and some to bring home.


_7CM8698  _7CM8702

Marzipan – fruit shapes and more! Totally amazing artistry.

Of course we followed the marzipan with some wonderfully smooth gelato –


Milan is a relatively new city by comparison with the other cities of Italy. It was bombed heavily in WWII. So most of the building have been built since that war. No ruins to speak of like in Rome.

_7CM8734   _7CM8737

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