A quick trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park today was more fun than a barrel of monkeys – it was two litters of lion cubs all romping around and wrestling with each other.

Photo taken with Nikon D200 70-200vr +TC17EII  f6.7 @340mm

These are two of the seven cubs at the Wild Animal Park. The seven cubs were born in November 2007 a few days apart. Their mothers, Mina and Oshana are sisters.

Photo taken with Nikon D200 80-400vr f8 @400mm

What a fantastic opportunity to shoot so many cubs all at once, and watching them play is definitely a rare treat. I’ll definitely be making a lot of trips there this spring.

Photo taken with Nikon D200 80-400vr f8 @400mm

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  1. Hamza says:

    Heyy, Cathy these photos are amazing, thnx for sharing … lsn im new to the nikon D200 and have no clue lol could you plz let me know how to take a photo liek this one what are the setting to get the lion and make the grass look blurred as such ? id really appreciate it

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