Today was a big day for wine. We went to Il Palazzone in Montalcino for a private tour of the vineyards and a tasting of marvelous Brunello wine. What a treat to walk not only their vineyards but also the olive grove with hundreds of beautiful trees. Laura Gray and her husband Marco Sassetti gave us a tour that went through the vineyards, olive groves and the soon to open wine production facility that even now looks like it will be truly amazing. The tour of the estate was terrific especially with Laura explaining how and why they did things in the vineyard as well as the olive orchard. Everything is done by hand with the extra time taken to do things the right way rather than the ultra modern mechanized way. Believe me the extra effort and time honored practices come through in both their wine and their olive oil.

The vineyard is unique in many ways, including the fact that it is owned by Richard Parsons, the current chairman of Citigroup who for the most part allow Marco and Laura great latitude to make decisions as to what’s best long term to be improving the quality of the wine irrespective of yearly profit. At the same time, Richard does take an active interest in the winemaking process as discussed at the winery’s web site.

Below some of their vineyards overlooking the valley and a bottle of their 2005 Il Palazzone Brunello.



Below Laura and her husband Marco in the tasting room. And Charlie and I under our personally selected olive tree that we will be adopting (see Club 100 description).


Charlie and I are most grateful to Laura and Marco to take time to show us the vineyard, participate in tasting wine and oil, and in general have a great visit. We look forward to tasting the wine and olive oil we purchased in the years ahead back home in California.

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