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While at the Wild Animal Park the other day I almost stumbled quite literally, on a large planting of Melianthus Major. You ask, why is this such a big deal? Well, several years ago I found this plant at a local nursery and was intrigued by its leaves. They have an incredible shape that looks absolutely nasty-mean! Yet the foliage is a soft green and delicate to the touch. I read about the flower spikes and liked the description and thought it would be an interesting addition to the yard. My plant took a while to establish itself and has turned into a nice large sized bush – but it has yet to produce the flower spikes.

The Melianthus at the Wild Animal Park is full of flower spikes about to open. They have so much character that one can imagine every flower almost as if they were the heads of some sort of animal – horse, giraffe, something like that.

melianthus_major melianthus_major_flower


D200 70-200vr

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While at the San Diego Zoo there is more to be seen than animals. The zoo is also a botanical garden with thousands of plant species, some quite rare and or endangered.  With spring coming just around the corner the flowers are going to be a sight to behold. Definitely worth a trip just for the plant life!


Photo taken with Nikon D200, 80-400vr @300mm f5.3


Photo taken with Nikon D200, 80-400vr @400mm f5.6

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