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Cardigan Corgi

It was a cool morning, starting out in the upper 40s and reaching highs in the 80s today – a working day for my camera and I. An AKC Herding Trial and Test at Action K9 Sports was our destination. Starting early in the morning and working through until the light disappeared 730 clicks later here I am at the computer. Lots of photos to get up on the website by Thursday.

Photo above just a sample of today’s shoot. Cardigan Corgi in Herding Tested class.

Photo taken with Nikon D200, 18-200vr @170mm f8 1/350sec

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The communication between dogs and livestock is something to behold, especially with dogs who are fully trained and know what they are doing.

This border collie is doing the back-up work at a practice herding trial. He moves the sheep in position for another to work through a course. In this shot Laddie is moving a rather cantankerous ewe nick named Stripe into position.

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