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Once again the I found myself at the San Diego Wild Animal Park planning and refining the route I will use for Saturday’s   photowalk that I am leading. Everytime I’m there it’s a litte different. Some animals are out some are not, others are hiding or snoozing. This morning’s catch – burrowing owls..


Nikon D700 70-200mm and 1.7TCE II

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This morning I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park to work on the route that I will take when I lead a photo walk there on Saturday. The photo walk is park of the World Wide Photo Walk sponsored by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. As I worked out the route and the timing of it (need to get to a certain part of the park at a specified time for a special encounter) I of course had to take a few photos as well.

All are taken with  then Nikon D700, 70-200mm f2.8 & TC –17E




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We’ve got, or now rather had, a kestrel nest box. About a month or so ago someone else moved in. Bees. We called someone to come and get them – but he never showed up, so someone who has some bee hives in their orchard said they’d come and get them. We gave the nest box too – it’s probably trashed inside for it’s original purpose.

But – last night when they came to take the bees away I managed to get stung twice. Owwie. So – for all you bee keepers out there – more power to you. Me – I’m sticking with chickens – I can deal with feathers and eggs!

Nikon D700 70-200mm f2.8

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…dogs must play — in the sprinkler of course!

Look Halo – this is how you do it, grab for the water.

Really Nikon, I think I can do it without your help!

Nikon D700 24-70mm

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Just a typical everyday sight/occurance for me. Time to sort the sheep.

Post and photo from my iPhone.

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I haven’t been inside a McDonalds in awhile. Holy cow have they changed or what!
Everything has been changed (except the menu of course) bit then even that has been given a graphic facelift. This place is no longer the haven for screaming out of control kids!
The new McCafe’ has a very Starbucks look.
I guess this place is growing up, careful Starbicks, McD is knocking on tour door.

post and photo done with my iPhone.

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What is old hat to me is not old hat to my friends and others. Just when I think enough is enough with my dog pics I get people asking for more!
In keeping it all in perspective I’ll relate something that happened to me last week. I will be leading a PhotoWalk (part of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide PbotoWalk) later in July at The San Diego Wild Animal Park. I was on the phone making arrangements with my zoo contact and was out in the field with the sheep when the personon the other end of the conversation heard the rather loud baa-ing and was enthralled with the fact there were sheep right there. A bit later inthe chat she asked if perhaps a small animal (don’t remember which one) would be something that would appealto my photowalk group. To her the critter wasn’t much but to me it was huge – in much the same way the sheep I think nothing of were something cool to her. So with that in mind there will be more pics of what to me is everyday stuff.

This post done on my iPhone photo taken with the iPhone.

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bee. Yuppers – this little fella is busy with the squash flowers this morning, and I’m getting back to work and busy with photos, photos and more photos to get done.




photos taken with Nikon D3 24-70 f2.8 with an attached Canon close-up lens

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…than a tiger cub?


Two tiger cubs,


and what would be more fun than two tiger cubs? How about two tiger cubs at play!


These are two of the three Sumatran Tiger cubs born at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. They were born Dec 5, 2008 – the first litter of tiger cubs born there in 18 years.


photos taken with Nikon D3 and 70-300 f4-5.6

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I’ve been messing around with the flashes and the camera – the usual subject is of course Halo the puppy. I mean how can one resist that adorable puppy. Besides, they are only puppies for a short time – gotta make the most of it while I can.


But – I also tried working with the flashes with someone not quite as cuddly as Halo.

Meet Mr Beta – the fish who lives in a bowl on my desktop. Title for this one has got to be
Fish Lips !

Photos take with Nikon D700 and SB800, Fish Lips SB-R200

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